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Shirley the 4 week old butcher pig

Shirley's story began about 4 weeks before we came to know her, however, before then she was just a piglet... without a name and destined to live a short life. On July 19th, 2019 P.A.W. was contacted by the Lee County Sheriff that a 4 week old piglet had fallen off of a transport truck and needed medical attention. Off we went to do what we do best... save a life. Shirley was rushed to the vet and although bruised, bloody and sore, we were told the next 48 hours would be crucial for her. We were determined and so was Shirley. Who would have thought this little butcher pig would so quickly capture the hearts of those who saw her story. And so began our journey of saving Shirley and finding her a forever home. Fast forward to yesterday, where we were notified by the Iowa Department of Agriculture that a 30 day quarantine was required. Shirley CAN NOT go to her forever home or find a forever family until after the 30 day quarantine and AFTER she passes all of the required testing that has to be done. So sadly, our hopes for having Shirley into her forever home by the weekend must be put on hold. Needless to say Shirley is a growing pig and as to be expected can and will eat a lot. In order to keep Shirley healthy and to do the required testing needed to get her into a forever home, we need your help in helping us save Shirley. A monetary gift of any amount will assure that Shirley will get proper food, medical attention and all the required testing to get her into her forever home and SAVE her life.